Friday Chicken #4

Let’s do this.

Old Missions

I survived the week. Go me!

The Hard

Gah. Things have been crazy. I finished and submitted an article to Filament (NWS), which was super stressful. Awesome, but stressful.

Workstuff is still happening and stressful.

The Good

I submitted an article to Filament! Even if they don’t run it, the fact that I offered to write something and the editor took me up on it is super-exciting to me.

My Super-Secret Project has debuted! Behold: The Book Roadie. WOO!

My acupuncturist continues to be awesome. Today he took me from “meh, I don’t feel like having lunch, maybe I’ll hit Safeway for some almond butter to spread on this apple” to “I’ll get takeout from Yan Can and eat a little” to “holy crap, why is there NO MORE FOOD?! I WANT TO EAT RARRRR!” I’m also sleeping better, which I am pretty sure is thanks to him. Rawk.

New Missions

Well, I’m doing Health Month, so following those rules is my main thing this week. Also, starting the NaNoWriMo pre-writing thingie here.

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