Oh Em Gee, there’s a word for this!

Anyone who’s hung out with me for more than about five minutes knows I have a hojillion different hobbies/interests/whatever. I’m one of those people who starts new projects and activities the way some people start new rolls of paper towels.

For example, here is a list of the various classes/hobbies/activities I am actively (as in, within the last few weeks) doing:

  1. aikido
  2. weightlifting
  3. knitting
  4. bookbinding
  5. web design
  6. blogging (here and at The Book Roadie)
  7. movie reviewing
  8. 52 Weeks to Awesome
  9. Profitable Idealism
  10. MorningStar Mystery School (where I am not only in THREE different courses but am also the communication coordinator AND accounts receivable for an upcoming retreat)
  11. Shiva Nata
  12. The Kitchen Table
  13. YNAB

And I KNOW I am leaving things out. Plus there are all the things I don’t really consider hobbies — keeping up with various social media sites (Facebook and Twitter especially), staying in touch with friends and family as best I can (hah), and so on.

Turns out, there’s a word for this — for getting into lots and lots of things rather than getting to be an expert in one thing: Scanner. I’m a Scanner! Sweet.

I like having words for things. I mean, I’ve always been interested in linguistics and language…

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