BEER! One of our favorite things in Portland.

Ohmigod, you guys!

OK, so Nate and I have been in Portland for about 10 days and while we were here, I went to Rally (RALLY!). And it was amazing. (we also went to the Rose Test Garden and the Japanese Garden  and Mount Tabor and slept a lot and saw some of my Portland friends, and it was generally fantastic. Portland is the best.)

Rally is kind of inexplicable. We do loads of Shiva Nata, and loll around in hammocks, and eat amazingly wonderful food, and talk about our projects using proxies (we say we are there to work on a silly/crazy/awesome project that is nothing to do with our real project, so our real project stays secret), and there’s lots of napping. And yet, all kinds of awesomeness gets done. And, even better, all the Shiva Nata kind of breaks your brain so that even after Rally, there are still Rally-effects.

It’s the best thing ever. I’m still processing, and I’m not sure even after I’ve finished that I’ll be able to write about it clearly, so… yeah. Go read about it on Havi’s site. It’s amazing.

Nate did a fantastic pair of writeups of our trip, so I’m not going to try and do it again myself. I’ll just say, go read his posts and look at my photos, and you’re probably good.

We head back to the SF Bay Area tomorrow, but we’ll be back. We’re gonna move up here eventually, it’s just a question of when. We love this town. Lurve.

Plus, so many awesome people either live here already or are moving here soon! DANG.


The Reservoir

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