Pagan Values Blogging Month Wrap-Up

Well, lookit that! My posts got included in the archive for this year’s Pagan Values Blogging Event! I feel all famous or something. :)

Anybody who’s found this blog via the links there, hiya! Welcome!

It was really fun and interesting trying to write everything up for those posts, especially since I’ve been dealing with some nasty brain fog for the last few months (my fibromyalgia already does a number on my cognition, and a new med I’m on is exacerbating the problem while I adjust to it). It was a relief to find that if I put my mind to it, I can still write something at least vaguely comprehensible even if it’s not super-straightforward technical stuff (like I do for work).

So, thanks to everyone who’s commented on the series! If anybody has questions I didn’t address in the posts, feel free to ask them in the comments here.

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