I Have Long Hair Because I’m Lazy

Long hair is a Thing in my family. One of my aunts has hair so long she can sit on it, even when it’s braided. My mom’s had hair down to her waist as long as I can remember, and one of her cousins had hair to his waist until he left on a foreign study thing to Japan. I grew up in the SCA, where lots of people had long hair, regardless of gender.

My hair is curly/wavy, and ridonkulously thin, so it’s never grown very happily. I eventually figured out the kind of care it likes, and now it’s finally down past my waist, which is really exciting for me! It’s actually long enough that it’s starting to bother my neck, and I’m considering trimming it a bit as a result. (I don’t have

I get lots of comments on it, especially at work, and people seem to think it’s a lot of work.

It’s not.

In fact, I have long hair because I don’t want to work on my hair.

I don’t want to deal with bed-head, with having to cut my hair every month or two (or go pay someone to do so, gaaahhhh), with styling and product and whatnot.

I like having hair that I can comb with my fingers and braid and get compliments on. I like having hair that looks striking when I don’t do anything but wash it, let it air dry, and leave it alone. Hell, if I take 30 seconds and scrunch some hair lotion through it before it dries, it’ll look fantastic. That’s as close as I get to a ‘do.

Even better: since I quit using shampoo (and started using conditioners that don’t have silicone), washing my hair takes way less time. If I comb my hair before I get it wet, it goes even faster. Get in shower, get hair wet, work conditioner through from ends to roots, do all other shower activities, rinse hair, done. Working the conditioner through takes longer if the hair is at all tangly, but otherwise it’s the work of a minute or two. WAY faster than shampooing, rinsing, then conditioning and rinsing too. Easy! Huzzah.

Best of all: I don’t cut my hair. If I have some time and a pair of good scissors, I’ll sometimes go through and snip split ends one by one, but that’s about it. If I do decide to trim my hair, I’ll do it myself.

So, yeah. About the only lower-maintenance hairstyle I know of than my superlong hair is Nate’s clipped hair.

I have long hair because I’m lazy.

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