I’ve been working from home more and more, only partly in preparation for the move (after which I will be working from home full-time).

Working from home has acclimated me to silence, and I’m finding it very difficult to focus without it. Worse, I’m finding myself preferring silence over music or talk when I’m doing things like cleaning or bookbinding or sorting through the detritus I have accumulated over my 10-ish years living mostly under my own auspices.

Why is this a problem?

I love podcasts. LOVE THEM. There are so many to love! This American Life. Elemental Castings. StarTalkRadio. Fucking While Feminist. The Bugle. And on and on.

Pretty much the only time I listen to podcasts is in the car when I’m commuting.

Now that I’m commuting very infrequently, my podcast-listening time has been cut by about three-fifths.

Needless to say, this is becoming an issue. I’m getting backlogged! UNACCEPTABLE!

So aside from screeching “ONE MILLION YEARS DUNGEON!” whenever I notice that my Episodes list in BeyondPod is impossibly full, my solution is to find times when I CAN listen to podcasts. I haven’t figured out what those times might be, yet, but I’m gonna find ’em, by golly.

I’m sure some wiseacre is gonna comment “So unsubscribe from a few podcasts until you have a number you can keep up with!”


Yes, I love Adventure Time. Does it show?

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