Ant update: we couldn’t find any Grant’s, but we did get basically one of every brand we could find, which was about four? or five? So we have traps and weird liquid you use to turn things into traps. All have been hidden in little cheapo plastic food containers with ant-doors cut in them and tight lids, so the cats can’t poison themselves.

So far, we still have a lot of ants.

However, my mom assures me that one of the brands we bought worked great for her recently, it just took a few days (and then another round a week or so later to get the last of the little bastards), so we are trying to stay optimistic.

Also, picking up Z’s leftover food as quickly as possible. I don’t know what it is, but ants fucking love the prescription low-residue food he eats. LOVE. IT.

On less annoying news: tonight I am braving the rain and driving to Beaverton to get John Scalzi‘s latest signed by the man himself. I mostly know him from his fabulous blog — dude started blogging back before blogging was a thing and has since turned into an award-winning scifi author — but the books of his I have read so far (Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, Redshirts, and Agent to the Stars. Redshirts is absolutely brilliant and you should all go read it right now, especially if you are into Star Trek) are really fabulously good. I’m actually kind of peeved it took me so long to get into them. I mean, the book he’s promoting right now is the fifth (?) in a series and I haven’t even read the first one.

So. Wish me luck.

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