15 Days of Favorite Things: Day One

10 Favorite Books/Book Series

This is hard to do with all my books packed up, but here goes:

  1. Lord of the Rings and affiliated material, even though I can’t read most of it when I’m depressed.
  2. The Discworld books by Terry Pratchett, especially the Night Watch books and the Witches books.
  3. The Thirteen Clocks, by James Thurber
  4. Redshirts, by John Scalzi
  5. Butch is a Noun, by S. Bear Bergman
  6. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
  7. Those Who Hunt the Night, by Barbara Hambly
  8. Anything by Jane Austen
  9. Anything by P.G. Wodehouse
  10. The Annotated Dracula — the older one, by Leonard Wolf. That book is cracktastically awesome.
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