15 Days of Favorite Things: Day Nine

10 Favorite Foods

Oh man, this is gonna make me hungry.

  1. Baklava
  2. Pizza with really good sauce (because I usually have it without cheese) and lots of pepperoni
  3. The chips and salsa at Chevy’s
  4. Authentic hot fudge sundaes
  5. Ghirardelli dark chocolate and raspberry squares
  6. Freshly grilled hamburger
  7. Slow-cooked baby back ribs
  8. The flat iron steak at Deschutes (be sure to get a side of mashed potatoes with it, omg so good)
  9. The Black Butte Porter Burger, also at Deschutes. (Hey, their food is AHMAZING)
  10. Tie between Nate’s hashbrowns and Nate’s eggs-in-a-basket. Tasty breakfast foods ftw.

aaaaaaaand yep, hungry now.

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