Well, there’s no shortage of things to blog about here, just a shortage of time/energy. So here’s a list of what’s up with me!

  • The kittens are doing great and growing like weeds. They are also full of energy and love tearing around the house at top speed while apparently trying to kill each other. Most of the time this appears to be play, but when it’s not, we split them up.
  • Zephyr is very ill, almost certainly with cancer. I’m waiting to find out the results from an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy done yesterday. His inflammatory bowel disease puts him at heightened risk for cancers, but he’s only 12 and I hoped we wouldn’t have to worry about his for at least a few more years. He’s currently very picky about what he eats and very displeased about having a shaved belly-and-sides (the diagnostic ultrasound that found the mass they biopsied was very thorough).
  • We are in that state of unpacking where we keep being almost-done. It’s really annoying. Not much progress is being made due to Zephyr (who requires a lot of care and trips to various medical professionals) and due to a huge upcoming deadline with my dayjob.
  • As part of said unpacking, I’m recataloging my books. I have nine boxes to go, and am up to 1,625 books. Not bad.
  • I’ve started bookbinding again, diving right in with a repair project on a family Bible. I’m looking forward to sharing the pix with you all when it’s done, over on The Book Roadie‘s blog.
  • I’ve been doing Pilates for just over a month, and it’s something like dressage-minus-the-horse crossed with physical therapy. The hope is to get me to a point where I’m in good enough shape to get back to Aikido.
  • I’ve been playing Deadpool (the game) and mostly loving it (except when it’s really, really hard and I want to launch my controller, XBox, and TV through a window). There’s a fair bit of assumption that the gamer is a dude (annoying), but whoever sculpted and rendered Deadpool’s ass must have secretly had folks like me in mind. *eyebrow waggle*

So… yeah. Busy. But most of it’s good stuff, I think. I’m hanging in there.

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