Getting Ready

Things are busy, but in an orderly sort of way. My folks were in town two weeks ago, which was awesome but threw all my routines off for a while. Now I’m using HabitRPG for tracking my to do list and the things I need to do every day, which is definitely helping. I even sat down yesterday and started a packing list for the trip I’m taking tomorrow.

What trip, you ask?

An ADVENTURE! I’m going out to Pennsylvania to catalog a mid-sized book collection so the owner can get bids from people who want to buy it. I’ll do my dayjob during the day and work on the project evenings and this coming weekend. I might even get to see my cousins who live not too far from where I’ll be!

One of the nicest things about having a job that can be done remotely is being able to do stuff like this. I can even work on the plane if I need to. All I need is access to the ‘net when I have meetings or files to upload, and I’m good to go.

Meanwhile, Bishop is mostly recovered from having dental surgery to correct her dangerous overbite (they pulled her four canines so the adult teeth can come in more normally and her lower jaw can get some growing done in the meantime, maybe even catch up to where it’s supposed to be), but now her eye is bugging her – it’s been swollen and weepy for 48 hours now, so we’re off to the vet in a few minutes to see if it’s anything bad. Hopefully not.

Zephyr is doing a lot better — he’s eating almost two cans of food a day now, on average, although he doesn’t seem to be putting weight back on yet. But no vomiting or related symptoms, so huzzah. His white cell count was down from 8,000 to 800 — back into the normal range! — so that’s presumably helping.

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