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(ETA 1/30) I’ve gotten a couple inquiries about whether it’s okay to share the link to this post. Yes! Please do share the link for this post. This info needs to get spread around. I will be updating periodically as I get new links, please feel free to leave a comment here with places I’m missing.

I posted a call for these over on Facebook originally, but have decided I want to have a tidier list, so here we are.

I’m collecting guides for taking action in the face of the new American Federal legislation. Ping me if you have more, or leave a comment, or whatever, and I’ll add ’em.


Specific Things You Can Do

In no particular order, here are various websites, mailing lists, and so on that will give you straightforward actions to take:

Edited 1/27 to add:  If you have anxiety, definitely check out How to call your reps when you have social anxiety. Also: Check out Congressman Steve Israel’s video How to Raise Hell for Members of Congress. He says that getting a group of people together and going to town hall meetings and demanding answers is not only better than calling or writing, it’s how the Tea Party got to the level of influence they have now. That’s something to think about.


General Resources

Also in no particular order, a collection of guides/lists/things that are more general but still great resources:


Health (Physical & Mental) Resources

(ETA 2/2/17)And here we have a new section: taking care of yourself so you don’t burn out from all the aggro. Seriously, you are no good to anybody if you are collapsing from lack of basic health stuff or of mental health stuff. Take care of yourself, the resistance needs you.

Also: I found this Resistance calendar for Portland, there’s probably one for your area too if you’re near a major city. Google!

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