I miss being in my early twenties.
Back in the day, I could keep going for weeks at a time without my body rebelling. Nowadays, I can’t. I have to take weekends as down time, at least one of the two days, or my body informs me I am Not Taking Care Of It ™ by failing – I get migraines, I get a fibro flare up, whatever. Today I have all the symptoms of a migraine (nausea, wooziness, etc) but no actual head pain (yay). Why? Because it’s been two weeks since I took a day to just laze around and do nothing.
I suspect that part of the problem is that I’m feeling so much better lately that it’s hard to remember I still have to take it easy sometimes.
I would have stayed home from work entirely but I have a meeting I can’t postpone, so here I am. Grr.
This is less a whine fest and more a rant. I am pissed at my body. I am sick of having a bod that can’t handle having several weeks of activities without a break. And we’re not talking crazy activities! I have been getting my sleep, and the days I’ve been going out it’s been to the movies or to a nice dinner out. I haven’t been hiking up the Himalayas or rappelling down skyscrapers. I’ve been having a good time with my cousin from out of town.
Goddammit. I hate being sick.
Oh well. Life’s a bitch, eh?
On the bright side, this gives me a good excuse to go home early and laze around with my cousin watching DVDs and eating applesauce.

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2 Responses to Venting

  1. Nate says:

    I must be too tired to read blogs because I read that last sentence as “laze around watching DVDs of my cousin eating applesauce.” And I wondered if it was anything like that video on YouTube of the girl eating an apple.

  2. Antwon says:

    “Hey, did I tell you? The local news caught me on tape when I was down at the cafeteria yesterday, yo! I was eating applesauce, and then bam, they’re interviewing some guy next to me about tainted meat or something. So I’m, like, famous now! Did you catch it? No? Oh, dude, my friend TiVo’ed it – I’ll burn it onto DVD for you. No, no, it’s no problem. Seriously: I insist! I’ll have the DVD to you by tomorrow, coz – a DVD featuring me, eating applesauce. Sweet!”