I miss being in my early twenties.
Back in the day, I could keep going for weeks at a time without my body rebelling. Nowadays, I can’t. I have to take weekends as down time, at least one of the two days, or my body informs me I am Not Taking Care Of It ™ by failing – I get migraines, I get a fibro flare up, whatever. Today I have all the symptoms of a migraine (nausea, wooziness, etc) but no actual head pain (yay). Why? Because it’s been two weeks since I took a day to just laze around and do nothing.
I suspect that part of the problem is that I’m feeling so much better lately that it’s hard to remember I still have to take it easy sometimes.
I would have stayed home from work entirely but I have a meeting I can’t postpone, so here I am. Grr.
This is less a whine fest and more a rant. I am pissed at my body. I am sick of having a bod that can’t handle having several weeks of activities without a break. And we’re not talking crazy activities! I have been getting my sleep, and the days I’ve been going out it’s been to the movies or to a nice dinner out. I haven’t been hiking up the Himalayas or rappelling down skyscrapers. I’ve been having a good time with my cousin from out of town.
Goddammit. I hate being sick.
Oh well. Life’s a bitch, eh?
On the bright side, this gives me a good excuse to go home early and laze around with my cousin watching DVDs and eating applesauce.

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