Friday Five

Well, it’s been ages, but here’s a Friday Five!

  1. What’s the most embarrassing thing/job you’ve had to do to earn money?
    Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had to do something totally embarrassing for money. I have earned money doing a lot of things – teaching, putting mailings into envelopes, washing cars, babysitting, etc. But it’s always been something I was at least moderately okay with doing – otherwise I wouldn’t do it.

  2. What’s the easiest and quickest way you have earned a buck?
    Probably being a substitute teacher – sometimes. Some classes were friggin’ easy. I just hung out and read a book, and at the end of the day I got paid. Other days I felt like I deserved combat pay because the classroom had been closer to a war zone than a place of education.

  3. If you could set your own salary, according to your skills and worth, how much would you earn?
    Wow. That’s a tricky one. I’m not so good at setting my own worth – I’ve got that whole “don’t overstate yourself” thing going on. Honestly, I don’t think I’m all that over paid at the moment, though, so I guess somewhere around $70,000/year is a good approximation.

  4. Are you a good saver?
    Moderately. I’m better at paying off debt than I am at saving, which is okay, I guess. Actually, it’s better than okay, what with all my student loans. It’s better to pay off a loan at 5% than put money in a savings account at 3%.

  5. What’s the most expensive and useless thing you have ever bought?
    Man, this is a tricky one. I can think of uses for just about everything I own. My aquaria (one at work and one at home) cost me money but provide pleasure as I watch the fish grow and interact. My art collection is beautiful and brings me satisfaction. My book collection is a good reference and provides entertainment for me and my friends. etc etc etc.
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