I’m at home today. I feel better than I did yesterday but still not good. I’m beginning to think that (as usual) most of the cause of this instance of ill health is psychological. I haven’t really had time to find my feet since the fiancé and I got engaged. We’ve been doing things – moving, visiting my family, etc. – and we haven’t had time to just be. I don’t think we’ve had a span of more than three or four days where we didn’t have tons of things going on, and even then, those three or four days were usually in the middle of the week and included things like going to work.
I feel like I’ve been treading water for months so that I could watch a beautiful fireworks display. I love fireworks, and wouldn’t miss them for the world… but man, I am tired of treading water. I just want to put my feet down on solid ground for a while.

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