Oh, dear. So as you’ve

Yeah, I've used this pic before.  So?Oh, dear.
So as you’ve probably noticed, I’m something of a fan of Peregrin Took from Lord of the Rings. I’d never heard of Billy Boyd, the actor who plays him, before the film. But now, after listening to a bunch of interviews with him on his site, I’m in serious danger of going totally googly over him too.
It’s not just the accent (there’s just something about that Glasweigan half-swallowed sound), or the fact that he looks good in a kilt. He really comes across in the interviews as a nice guy. The kind of guy you’d like to have a pint or two with and just chat. I also love the fact that he’s clearly intelligent – listen to the interview about Harry Potter v. LotR. I swear, it’s like he read my mind or something, we’re on exactly the same wavelength.
Nice suit, eh?
What’s even scarier is that he’s just as cute out of character as he is in. In a different way, mind you, but still. I’m now in serious danger of doing the old call-every-video-retailer-in-town routine to track down the very very few films he’s done. I wonder… maybe he’ll be doing some stage work when I hit the UK next August… that would rock…

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