Aaaah…. I sometimes think I’m

I sometimes think I’m naturally cut out to be a freelancer. I can think of no greater joy than working at my very personalized desk, sitting in my pjs and bathrobe, sipping hot coffee and coding.
Well, ok, I can think of several greater joys (watching Lord of the Rings, meeting any one of the actors I’ve obsessed over, etc), but none involving actual paying work.
When I was at Oxy, I loved having classes late enough that I could get up, make coffee, and read email in my bathrobe for an hour before going down to breakfast. That enabled me to wake up enough to stop being the verbally antisocial grouch I am when I first get up and become a mostly civilized human being.
I just like working comfortably at my own computer desk, surrounded by my action figures, candles, books, and various other decorations. Getting paid just makes it even cooler.
Viva la freelancing!

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