Monday Mission1. What helps you

Monday Mission

1. What helps you get started every morning?
Coffee, baby, and lots of it.

2. What is the most memorable thing anyone has ever made for you?
Made for me? Hm… My Uncle has made me some really cool stuff – he works in the movie biz. Probably… this really cool box he airbrushed for me. It has a spacescape on it.

3. What music are you currently listening to in your car?
Alternating mostly between Throwing Toasters and Nine Inch Nails.

4. What is one “splurge” you allow yourself, even when you shouldn’t?
Hm… until recently, I’d have said “Books!” but I’m doing pretty good at not buying ’em. Candles. To be honest, it’s candles. I can always find an excuse to buy a pillar or a votive or SOMETHING.

5. Have you ever been given a “second chance?” What happened and did you make the most of it?
Hm… can’t really think of an instance to fit this.

6. Do you have a lot of friends outside of your own ethnic background?
I used to – my High School had a lot of Asian folks in it, and most of my classmates and buddies were Vietnamese, Chinese, or Korean. I’ve kind of lost touch with them, though. They’ve mostly moved out of town.

7. What was the last situation that really, really pissed you off?

Erm… I’d say, but it involves Mom and since Dad reads my blog… ;-)

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