Bless me, Mother, for I

Bless me, Mother, for I have sinned…
I have a confession to make. I liked Sorority Boys. A Lot. I may even go see it again.
And why did I love it? Let me count the reasons…

  1. Michael Rosenbaum (see right).
  2. Seeing fratboys get their comuppance
  3. Seeing sorority bitches get their comuppance.
  4. Michael Rosenbaum half-naked.
  5. The dildo swordfight sequence
  6. There’s a guy named Doofer in it (and if you don’t get THAT, you haven’t hung around my dog long enough).
  7. Michael Rosenbaum in high heels.
  8. It’s mindless entertainment.
  9. It’s funny.
  10. Did I mention Michael Rosenbaum?

I know I’ve probably committed a crime against cinemalove by liking the film, and I know for damn sure Sarah will roll her eyes if/when she reads this, but hey, I can’t help what I like.
Oh, and be prepared for a deluge of Pip Pix next week. I’m gonna be getting a big fat batch of them from a pal. Tee hee!

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