Go me! Went to my

Go me!
Went to my first LotR TCG tournament tonight and had a great time. I laid the smack down in my first game (finished off the entire fellowship by site 5), but did so-so in the others. The last game of the tournement I didn’t draw a single minion for something like three full turns. Very depressing.
They were all one-on-one games, which was kind of interesting.
The next couple of days are going to be a lot of fun but VERY busy. Dig my schedule:




  • Flight to LA at 7:45am (BARF!).

Then begins a KILLER weekend of all kinds of LotR-related fun. But basically, I won’t be doing much online stuff until next Monday night at the earliest. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see much of me before then!

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