Whew Well! If I was

Well! If I was worried that I might run out of stuff to do for my MUSD contract, I needn’t have been. The sites I’m doing for the elementary schools are gonna be nice, long projects. Also, one of the IT honchos was making “whatt’re we gonna do when Ealasaid gets A Real Job ™ and isn’t working for us anymore?” noises, which suggests they’re not planning on dumping me when my 6-month contract runs out.
although I probably shouldn’t count my chickens before they’re hatched.
At any rate, that’s a relief.
Also a relief: I have SEVEN days of substitute teaching lined up over the next couple of weeks. Go me! It’s good to be loved.
Also: have folks been leaving comments? they’re not showing up… please email me if you’ve left a comment in the last couple days, ok?

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