I must’ve been good in a past life

So a while back I got a traffic ticket. I hadn’t managed to renew my DMV registration, so I got a $10 fix-it. Lame, but there you go.
Due to a series of stupid events and my own slackertude, I didn’t send in the paperwork until slightly after the deadline. Ack, right?
Ack indeed, because a week or so ago I got a letter saying that my bail was now $300, I had a civil judgement entered against me because I “failed to appear” for my ticket, and that I’d better get my sh*t together!
This morning I got up at 5:30am and drove to Redwood City (where the ticket was issued). I was hoping to beat traffic, and did – I got there 40 minutes before the place even opened. I was first in line, yay me.
When I got to the window, the following conversation ensued:

Me: Hi! I sent the paperwork for this ticket in, but I guess I missed the deadline. [slides the form through the slot.]
Lady: [punches docket number in] No, it’s all clear here.
Me: What? But you guys haven’t cashed my little check or anything, and I got this letter…
Lady: Let me go check. [Vanishes for what seems like an eternity]
Me: [tries not to look impatient/nervous]
Lady: [returns] Nope, it’s been logged in and everything.
Me: You mean I don’t owe you anything? Are you sure?
Lady: Yeah, it’s all fine.

I was sooooo relieved! AUGH! I celebrated by getting some Lord of the Rings cards. :-)

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