Several things…

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I’ve been busytiredachy.
I’m posting a bunch of stuff on eBay. Go. Bid. Make me rich. Okay? Thanks.
Humorous link of the day: Five things that sucked about Lord of the Rings.
Aaaaand, thanks to the meds, I forgot about Monday Mission!

PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 2.43

1. Ever do anything over and over just to make someone else happy but discover you actually hate it?
Um… not really.

2. What kinds of obligations do you enjoy?
Ones that have me do stuff I like… like having to read Jane Austen for homework, that kind of thing.

3. What are your feelings about celebrating Halloween?
I LOOOOVE Halloween! It breaks my heart that I can’t really celebrate it this year. It’s a great holiday, both in the modern secular sense and in the Neo-Pagan one (and before you get on my back about that, go read an essay or two about it, ok?).

4. Are there any stories of bodily functions you would prefer people not share with you in conversation?
Yes. Lots.

5. What do you think is the most important aspect of personal hygiene that bothers you when people overlook it?
Regular bathing.

6. Ponder the thought of being forever young, living on endlessly, being immortal. What would that life be like for you?
It would rule. I thought about this a lot when Highlander: The Series was on the air and I watched it regularly. I’d hate the accounting aspect of being immortal, having to hide and everything, but I’d love to have all that time to read! It’s one of my great sorrows that I will never be able to read every good book ever written.

7. What’s the last thing you felt was “worth fighting for?”
Hm… honestly? Weighted GPA at my high school. I don’t think I’ve lead a fight for anything since, really. It takes too much energy and isn’t worth it in most cases. (Cynical? Me? Naaah.)

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