More moving photos

Well, all my stuff is at the new place. Yippee!
Now I’m unpacking. Yargh.
Anyway, here are more pix of the move.

Here you can see exciting photos of my desk. My computer was, of course, the first thing I unpacked/set up. In case you’re wondering, that’s a portrait of Rochester on the left side of the desk. I always have a portrait of him around my desk. :D
Next up is the front room. As you can see, there is a TON of my junk strewn about. That’s my aquarium next to the television. The wacky thing in front of the window is the cat tree – it was made by a friend of my roomie’s from an old oil drum, if memory serves. Possibly a couple of oil drums. At any rate, it boasts four cat bed levels and has a hideyhole in the base! Very cool. I’ve been sprinkling catnip on it in hopes that it will encourage the kitties to use it.

The angle of the front room which includes the wall of books shows the dining room, which is where my computer desk is. When I am sitting at my computer, the wall of books is behind me. They’re all my roomie’s books – my books will pretty much all be in my room. Woot.

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