Friday Foofah

Last week’s Friday Foofah.

  1. Favorite men’s perfume / favorite women’s perfume?
    I don’t really have one for myself. I’m not much of a perfume wearer. My dad used to wear Baryshnikov’s cologne, and I really like the smell of that.

  2. Favorite natural smell?
    Vanilla. Redwood forest. Clean sheets. The bf.

  3. Most noxious odor known to mankind?
    Hard to call. Skunk is pretty foul. So is the stench of dead animals.

  4. Cinamon chewing gum – armpit odor or sweet goodness?
    Mmmm. I like Cinamon chewing gum. My jaws don’t handle gumchewing very well anymore, but I used to love Cinamon gum.

  5. Deodorants and antiperspirants – civilized necessities or deadly chemical cocktails?
    Deodorant is a civilized necessity unless you shower every day and never do anything to make you sweat. I don’t wear care much for antiperspirants because I read a while back that they’re not all that good for you – they contain aluminum or something similar.
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