Friday Foofah

Last week’s Friday Foofah.

The Daily Grind

  1. What’s the very first thing you do after waking up in the morning?
    Shower. Or do my stretches/exercises. I always do both before anything else, but sometimes I stretch, then shower and sometimes I shower, then stretch.

  2. Breakfast – essential energy boost or unnecessary waste of time?
    Essential for taking care of my blood sugar levels most of the time. I have to eat within a couple hours of getting up or I get all wonky.

  3. Are you a person of routine, or is each day a unique chaotic adventure?
    I’m a person of routine, although that routine often includes several hours of scheduled chaos (running errands/freelancing/whatever).

  4. Do you go to bed because you have to or collapse onto the pillow every night?
    Both. I go to bed because I have to but am so tired that I collapse onto the pillow. :P

  5. Early to bed, early to rise…or I’ll be up by noon?
    Hehehe. I have to get up around 6am these days, but prefer to sleep in late.

  6. What’s your nightly ritual before going to bed?
    I always get all ready for bed (dressed in pjs, animals fed, etc) then crawl into bed and call the bf. :) I gotta have that end-of-the-day phone call.
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