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Jon Stewart is a god.

I just watched Jon Stewart on Crossfire. In case you live in a hole or something, Jon Stewart anchors “The Daily Show,” a comedy news show. “Crossfire” is a ‘debate’ politics news show thingie. Stewart went on there and told … Continue reading


Surprise, surprise

You are a cardinal! You love to try & get othersinto trouble, even if you have to make uplies…NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition! What Monty Python Sketch Character are you? brought to you by Quizilla

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Entries like this one make me want to blog more personal stuff. Mind you, I’ve no idea if I’d be able to write about it well or if I’d come off as pretentious. And it would risk the whole “we … Continue reading

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Comforting Thought

In a world where jellyfish exist, anything is possible. Photos are by Elkit, who is very cool.

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5 Things Meme

I love me some Memeage. :) Found here.



DAMN YOU, PIXAR!!!! Damn you for making such great movies. Damn you for making “The Incredibles” virtually impossible for me to review because it is so blasted good. There’s just too much neat stuff to mention and I’m paralyzed trying … Continue reading

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The G-Word. Or the GM-words. Whatever.

I’ve been trying to boil my stance on gay marriage down to a few pithy paragraphs. Let’s see if I got it right. The word “marriage” has two versions. There’s Marriage, the religious sacrament, and marriage, the legal act. Marriage … Continue reading


Sars rocks.

I knew I could count on Sars to come up with something to make me feel good after that election. It’s at the bottom of this page. Or read it here, where I copied it in case (gods forbid) something … Continue reading

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Film Follies

Neat book about overdone cinema. Stroheim is in here! Yay!

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This Livejournal user was visited by Secret Service. This is scary, people. Read more .

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