Vacation movies, days 7 and 8

Well, I took day 7 (Sunday) off because I could safely do so without mussing my one-a-day average (plus my brain was starting to wilt).
Day 8, yesterday, I saw “House of Flying Daggers.” It was pretty, as expected, and a bit of a downer, also as expected. Just once I would like to see a big Chinese martial arts epic with a happy ending! Is that too much to ask?! Well, probably. It’s a cultural thing, I expect. *sigh* Still, the fights were pretty darn awesome. Zhang Ziyi is really amazing.
Here’s my progress on my List Of Movies To See. Not sure what I’ll see today. Also, I’m thinking of skipping Napoleon Dynamite since it’s out on DVD and not playing anywhere at a convenient time. I can always rent it. :)

The Grudge
I Heart Huckabees
Napoleon Dynamite
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Team America: World Police
House of Flying Daggers
Spike and Mike’s 2004 Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation
Finding Neverland
The Machinist
The Life Aquatic

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