I [Heart] My Neuros

One great thing about my Neuros (out of the many) is that it has forced me to actually organize my MP3s and get them properly ID tagged. I have been doing this with two programs: Tag&Rename and MusicBrainz. The former lets me set a bunch of files to have the same Genre (or whatever), which is important since apparently the Neuros doesn’t support folders (which is how I organize my music into types). The latter helps identify songs with mysterious filenames and little or no info in the ID3 tag (important for the files I ripped early in my career before I knew what the hell I was doing).
I am about to set my Neuros up to get all the songs that are ready – about 1500. Then I will go to bed, and hopefully when I wake up, my Neuros will be alllllll ready with all my music on it. Yay! I spent today driving around with just my Rock/Punk folder on it, and I am eager to get the other stuff on there!

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