Well, with Cinequest over, my schedule is a lot more freed up. Unfortunately, this gives me time to fuss about:

  1. taxes
  2. job stuff
  3. going out for my brown belt in Aikido
  4. my work as a movie reviewer
  5. spring cleaning
  6. the backlog of Stuff To Do and Email Messages To Answer

Taxes suck, especially since I contracted so much last year that even the increased witholding I set up wasn’t nearly high enough. I’m pursuing some awesome stuff on the job front but don’t want to jinx it by writing about it here, so you’ll just have to wait until I can talk about it. I am determined to get my brown belt, but have a lot to learn. I really want to make it as a movie reviewer, but can’t see how I can get a full time job on that front short of a miracle occurring. I’m sick of the mess around the house, but I really hate cleaning. The backlog is really overwhelming (ignoring virtually everything for three weeks will do that).
I know a big part of this is the letdown after a particularly intense, enjoyable experience like Cinequest, but it’s still aggravating.

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