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Well, with Cinequest over, my schedule is a lot more freed up. Unfortunately, this gives me time to fuss about: taxes job stuff going out for my brown belt in Aikido my work as a movie reviewer spring cleaning the … Continue reading

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Well, it’s official. I’m a grown up. I turn 27 today. I’m not sure why, but somehow 27 has been the magic number for me – the birthday when you stop being a young adult and are just an adult. … Continue reading



I am awesome. Since I got up this morning, I have done the following: caught up on my capsule reviews for Cinequest. (4 capsules) written a piece on Harold Lloyd written a piece on the Maverick Spirit Awards pitched a … Continue reading

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Holy Moly

Cinequest is rocking my socks. Last year I saw a ton of movies, but this year I am actually running into a lot of filmmakers. I’ve hung out and chatted with actors, screenwriters, and directors both in the hospitality suite … Continue reading