Apparently Dr. David Hager repeatedly sodomized his ex-wife against her will when they were married. He also apparently paid her for certain sexual acts as a way of getting her to perform them (he kept a very tight rein on the family finances, after all). Or, when she hassled him too much about the anal stuff, he’d wait until she was unconcious and go after her then. What a despicable man.
And here I thought he was a horrible person when all I knew about him was that he was a fundie crackpot.
If her allegations are true, he needs to be in a courthouse right damn quick and on trial. Sure, maybe she’s nuts like he claims… but I think it’s a lot more likely that she’s telling the truth. Please don’t forget, people, that the good Dr. Kinsey found high correlations between being a fundie and being into things like bestiality and sodomy. (OK, I’m typing from memory and am hunting down a citation for this even now.)
I have to go take a shower now. And rinse with bleach. Why is this man on the FDA panel for reproductive health drugs? Ew.

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