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Seven Things To Do Before I Die
Only seven? I have a list of 25, for pete’s sake! ‘course, I’ve done four of those, and the list is sorta out of date, so here we go!

  1. Finish a novel and get it published.
  2. Have a room in my house just for books.
  3. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World.
  4. Own a house.
  5. Visit all 50 states, if only briefly.
  6. Roadtrip up to Deadhorse, Alaska (preferably from Key West, Florida.)
  7. Learn to speak another language fluently.

Seven Things I Cannot Do
Well, seven things I cannot currently do, anyway.

  1. Endure pointless noise without much aggravation.
  2. Touch my tongue to my nose.
  3. Draw well.
  4. Write programs/scripts.
  5. Translate to/from Latin.
  6. Play guitar.
  7. Suffer fools.

Seven Things That Attract Me to…Blogging

  1. My very own soapbox!
  2. Getting to know people very different from myself.
  3. Meeting interesting folks at meetups.
  4. Fun writing.
  5. Sad writing.
  6. Quality writing!
  7. Silliness.

Seven Things I Say Most Often

  1. Dood
  2. Cool
  3. Groovie
  4. Goddammit!
  5. Sweet.
  6. Awesome.
  7. Rawk!

Seven Books That I Love
No! Not only seven! Goddammit! Ah, well, I shall fudge.

  1. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
  2. Kushiel’s Dart/Chosen/Avatar by Jaqueline Carey
  3. Hedge Witch by Rae Beth
  4. The Night Watch books by Terry Pratchett (Guards! Guards!, Feet of Clay, etc)
  5. The Truth by Terry Pratchett
  6. Those who Hunt the Night by Barbara Hambly.
  7. Amphigorey/Amphigorey Too/Amphigorey Also by Edward Gorey

Seven Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again

  1. The Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson)
  2. Star Wars (the original one, now known as “Episode IV”)
  3. Six-String Samurai
  4. Withnail and I
  5. Moonstruck
  6. Terminator 2
  7. Willow

Seven Songs I Play Over and Over Again:
Again with the fudging…

  1. Anything by Red Elvises
  2. Welcome to this World, by Primus
  3. The Brown Album, by Primus
  4. The Sinister Ducks
  5. Peter Lorre by the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
  6. Church not Made with Hands, by The Waterboys
  7. Dance, by Legend.

Seven People I Want To Join In Too
Dood, I dunno. Whoever wants too, I guess. :)

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