I have a cold. I hate being sick on vacation (although since, as a contractor, I don’t get sick days, I guess it’s better than being sick and having to go in to the office anyway).
It’s all in my throat with an outpost in my sinuses. I’m losing my voice, coughing (unproductively) occasionally, and trying to keep from getting a sinus headache.
Thank heaven for my set of cold-busting measures:
Drinking echinacea tea
Taking lots of Vitamin C (in tablet or orange juice form)
Getting lots of rest
I developed this system back in grad school when I had something like four colds in a row with about a week of health between each. Mind you, I am very low on echinacea – it’s almost all in at the office because, hey, that’s where I spend most of my waking hours. Dammit. I may have to go try to get in tomorrow to get it. Bleah. (My favorite echinacea tea of all time isn’t available in stores anymore, grr)

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