Women = females = walking incubators?

Well, there’s been a lot of hoo-hah about a CDC report saying that all “females” should be treated as “pre-pregnant” (started by this article in the Washington Post. One of the better early responses came from Bitch, Ph.D.. She has since updated it with information that the report the original article was talking about does not, in fact, say what the Post says it does. It says, rather, it’s about promoting the health of women and couples in general. Good grief. I’m glad the good folks over at Pandagon did their homework and got the info out. Now we know to be mad at the Post, not at the CDC. Props to the CDC, even. Meanwhile, I’d like to point this out as a classic example of our “liberal media” at work. Thpft.

As an aside: I loathe the phrase “liberal media.” It makes me want to hit people in frustration when they use it sincerely. Anyone who believes there’s some huge liberal conspiracy in the media is either hopelessly brainwashed or willfully ignorant. I pity the former but the latter utterly enrage me. Reporters are people too, goddammit, and they have a really difficult job, especially the ones who report on politics. There are conservative and liberal and everything else reporters, just like any other job. Of course, a majority of reporters are indeed liberal in personal viewpoint, because conservatives tend not to go into jobs like journalism. People who want a more balanced media should go into journalism and maybe then they’d actually know what they’re talking about. Gah.

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