I’m at the weblogger meetup. I’m liveblogging the meetup, and attempting not to get distracted by all the various toys on my computer (games, chat software, stories I should be working on, etc). Wish me luck!
ETA: Interesting discussion of names and changing them (or not) when marrying. Rich feels just as strongly about it as I do, but on the other side. Interesting. Although, unlike me, his is a gut-level reaction while mine is an ideological one.
ETA: If Antwon got elected as a Senator, C-SPAN would have the best ratings ever. He would filibuster in the old style because he could and possibly use sock puppets to do so. Awesome.
ETA: Silvia is live photoblogging the meetup! Check it out!
ETA: Antwon: “I’m full of Thetans, and I vote!”Rich: “I need a bumpersticker that says that.”
ETA: Now I’m live photoblogging it! Behold! Of course, it’s taking forever over this somewhat slow connection, so… yeah. It’ll be there eventually. Look down near the bottom.
ETA: I used to make an “I’m a thetan and I vote” bumpersticker, which led to a discussion about what thetans are, which led me to mention (aka Operation ClamBake), which led Elke to ask me to blog the URL so she’d remember it, so here I am. Yeah. That made sense. But it makes more sense than Rich’s notes about the meetup. :D
ETA: I got to show a bunch of folks some awesome pix they’d never seen before, check it…

OK, I’m tired, I’m going home. It’s been a long week, and it’s only Wednesday.

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