Yep, we‘re at Coffee Society, where are you?
The train of conversation that prompted me to pull out my computer:

  1. Aliens bursting out of people’s chests
  2. Tom: “Why don’t aliens bust out of other places?” … like say, your nose.
  3. Twon: “or your carryon, or your cup of Sanka…”
  4. Everyone started miming various places aliens could bust out of and go “raaaar!”
  5. Me: “Speaking of things that go ‘raar’…” I regale everyone with the story of the shrimp by the side of the road. (OK, it’s probably a crawdad or something, I’m not an expert on aquatic insectoid critters.)
  6. Hank: “Speaking of things by the side of the road…” regales everyone with a deer sighting.

Scary aliens to deer in only six steps. Awesome.

8:26pm: We wonder what Jimmy Baio is up to now. The answer: no idea. Google hasn’t helped. Though it did let us confirm (via IMDb) that he and Clint Howard have never been in a film together. Yay.
8:33pm: Twon: What if Capt. Barbossa was in Shine?
8:38pm: Tom sez my blog doesn’t look right on his Mac – he downloaded the custom font and everything. Anybody else have that problem?
8:49pm: watched human space invaders on YouTube… and live action Super Mario… and this thing… and live action Simpsons. I love You Tube. (OK, we didn’t get to watch the simpsons thing really because YouTube hates me tonight, but at least I found it.)
9:10pm: ImprovEverywhere was mentioned. They are awesome. I like this mission they did. Awesomeness. I wanna do a mission!
9:18pm: There is talk of making a poster that says “every time you check voicemail on speakerphone, God kills a Domokun. Please, think of the Domokun!” with the roadside crawdad thing photoshopped in chasing the Domokun. Awesome.
9:22pm: It’s like it’s 2001 all over again! We’re looking at the oralse kitten permutations! yay! (Someone analyzed the whole God-killing-kittens thing). Also, Twon owns (possibly not worksafe), which engendered this exchange:

Antwon: “It’s a bunny with a pancake on its head…”
Tom: “Exposing its anus!”
Antwon: “Yes!”
Jon: “Whaaaaaat???” (leans in to look)

9:34pm: We’re wondering why so few of us are here this week – just me, Twon, Tom, Hank, and Jon. WTF?
9:46pm: “Would you like to resume talking about rabbit anuses?”
Twon: “What happens at ComicCon … stays on the internet forever.”
…and that’s it for now. We’re tired and have lost our quorum.

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