The generation gap is not f’n metal.

So, Rich has this awesome set of pix: Comic Con is F’n Metal.
I sent the link to my Dad… who asked about both “F’n” and “Metal.”
Here’s the explanation I sent…

[14:46] guykhaas: “f’n” ?
[14:46] EalasaidH: freakin’
[14:47] guykhaas: “Metal” ?
[14:47] EalasaidH: um…
[14:47] EalasaidH: how to explain this
[14:47] EalasaidH: it’s like … a particular brand of awesomeness
[14:47] guykhaas: ah
[14:47] guykhaas: owe
[14:47] guykhaas: kaye
[14:48] EalasaidH: ah, came through: . Usually replacing “cool”, “awesome”, or other words such as that, which are “extreme”. For instance, “Holy shit dude, that was so fucking metal!”
[14:48] guykhaas: toe tally
[14:49] EalasaidH: You indicate your approval of something metal by throwing the horns.
[14:49] EalasaidH: \m/

I think that’s a decent explanation.

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