You may have found yourself musing occasionally, “Ealasaid sure can be irregular about letting me know how she’s doing. I wonder how her health is? How she’s feeling?”
Well, now you can find the answer as easily as you can find this blog! New, shiny, and utterly useful, it’s…

Ealasaid’s Morale-O-Meter!

It’s also linked in the left column. Wow!

OK, that’s enough hucksterism from me.
I’ve been pondering the whole issue of communication about health a lot the last day or two, largely because of a mild spat with a friend of mine. I am not very good at judging how much I talk about my health. I’m constantly afraid that I am whining about it too much, which makes me talk about it even less (here, at least, I have the advantage of print and the voluntary nature of reading to make me feel more comfortable talking about it).
I started using the Morale-O-Meter a few days back to see if I liked it, and I’m finding it very useful for monitoring how I’m doing over time. I have a lot of trouble seeing the big picture of my health, largely because my brain fog makes it hard to consider complex problems unless I have all the data right in front of me. The Morale-O-Meter puts the data right there. My only gripe is that it doesn’t have an input for physical pain. If it had that, it’d be complete. (Not to mention a really, really useful tool for Fibro sufferers and fibro awareness!)

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