General update, LJ style

A general update for them as are curious. I have a lot on my plate at the moment:

  • Planning the wedding (even for a simple, casual wedding like the one we want, there are a million and one things that need doing). Right now I’m focusing on the guest list, which is a huge project.
  • Getting the last of my stuff out of my old place
  • Sorting through all the crap from the old place (see a photo or two of the pile o’ crap from the old place so far).
  • Realizing I have houseguests coming on Monday and maybe it’d be nice to have fewer boxes in the living room when they get here.
  • Finishing my den, which involves going to IKEA, buying two more bookcases, assembling and installing them, shelving the rest of my books, and going through another, smaller pile of boxes o’ crap.
  • In theory, I’m still training toward my brown belt in Aikido (although that has really stalled since I had a falling out with my training partner a little while back).
  • I’m going in to HealthNOW three times a week trying to get healthy.
  • I’m going through withdrawal as I come off Cymbalta, the prescription I take for my fibro (it’s improved to the point where I want to see how it does with out the Cymbalta, which can be harder to get off of the longer you take it). As a result, I’m not sleeping well, and am really tired all the time. It makes me wonder if this is how I felt all the time before the Cymbalta. Because of my brain fog (also from the fibro), I really can’t be sure.
  • Getting new reading glasses (saw the optometrist for the first time in three years this week and he says my Rx has changed enough I need ’em).
  • Mauser has been getting more and more persnickety about the litterbox and has now peed outside it at least half a dozen times. We are being very very anal about cleaning it a minimum of once a day and that seems to have solved the problem – but boy howdy, if it happens again I’m taking him to the vet.
  • The usual – work, household chores, the cats, social commitments, etc.

Not much energy left for posting anything terribly intelligent, I’m afraid. Sorry ’bout that.

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