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OK, inspired by Molly and Pandagon, I am opening a forum for my readers to ask me questions about feminism! :D I know, I know, they have a jillion more readers than me, but hey, why not?
I’m filching Molly’s guidelines, which I like:

1) Please ask questions in a spirit of honest inquiry, rather than one of hostility. I understand that there is a lot of hostility against feminism, but try to remember that when you’re talking to a person who is a member of a group, it’s best not to implicate the entire group in a negative way (e.g. “why are all feminists so damn ugly?”)
2) Please ask each question in a different response. It will keep things less cluttered.
3) I’d prefer to keep the number of questions to 3 or fewer per questioner. If this goes well, I’ll do it again sometime and you can ask further questions then.
4) All questions should be pertinent to the subject of women’s rights, LGBT rights, workplace equality, beauty culture, fat politics, feminism, reproductive rights, or other topics relevant to and discussed on this blog.
Here are the things I promise to do:
1) I will answer every question asked according to the above guidelines to the best of my knowledge and abilities, and without any sarcasm or hostility (I promise). There is no such thing as a stupid question today.
2) I will post other responses from other feminists to questions, provided they meet the same “civility of tone” requirements I request of questioners.
3) I will try to make sure you come away with an honest impression of feminism and feminists, and a knowledge that feminism isn’t all things to all people, nor is it necessarily for everyone.
4) If a blog or book exists that focuses on the issue you’re asking about, I will both give you a complete answer and steer you toward that blog or book for further reading.
One thing, however, I will not do:
I will not claim to represent the views, opinions, or ideas of feminism as a whole, personally. I will attempt to give different feminist opinions, but as complete as I may try to make my responses, I may miss some differences of opinion. Do not take my personal views as the complete representation of feminism — use them as a jumping-off point!

Edited to add:
I am closing comments on this entry as it’s only getting spam comments now, and it gets more spam comments than just about any other entry.

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