I was chatting with a pal about podcasts yesterday. I have the ‘casts I listen to linked in my blogroll, but nowhere do I talk about what I like about each of ’em. I also appear not to ever have blogged about the podcatcher I use, Juice.

I am a bit of a podcast junkie, I admit it. I listen to a bunch of ‘casts. Behold!

  • 43 Folders – This is a lifehacker podcast by Merlin Mann, full of nifty ideas like time management tips. It’s short and to the point, which I like.
  • CroneCast – Stories, recipes, philosophy, and more from an elder in Numenism. Numenism is a fascinating religion, and I really enjoy her take on things. Her service dog, Itzl, is awesome and she shares hilarious stories about him. (I tried to find a useful link for Numenism but failed. Grr.)
  • Deo’s Shadow – Hands down, the best general pagan podcast around. It’s got everything from philosophy to crystals, and is packed with info instead of filler. Plus, Deo is amazingly talented so the intros for each section are nifty and he occasionally posts utterly hysterical things like Pagan Jeopardy!
  • Filmspotting – I don’t listen to this as regularly as I used to, in part because I’m so busy and it’s not in my top tier of podcasts. However, I like the way Adam and Sam discuss film. I don’t always agree with them, but they’re interesting to listen to.
  • Satellite of Grace – I adore this podcast, although it comes out so rarely. Go back and listen to the old eps, and drop it in your podcatcher, you won’t regret it. It’s just interviews with people about religion – all different religions. Pagan, Buddhist, Christian, you name it. Good stuff.
  • KCRW Movie Reviews – Joe Morgenstern, film critic of the Wall Street Journal, presents short reviews of movies. He is awesome.
  • Poly Weekly – The best relationship podcast EVER. Sure, it’s aimed at polyamorous people, but us mono folk can learn a lot about communication here. Plus, Minx is awesome. Smart and funny, and to-the-point without being rude. She rocks.
  • RopeCast – Rope bondage: the art of tying people up. Nifty stuff here. Info and musings about the art, energy work, interviews, etc. Graydancer, the host, has a great sense of humor and is easily one of the best podcast hosts around.
  • The Seanachai – Fiction presented in podcast form! Patrick McLean is awesome. Sound effects, music, and solid voice acting make each episode like listening to an old radio drama – only with better writing!
  • Thelema Coast to Coast – “Occultism Without Apology” is TC2C’s motto, and John Crow lives up to it. Interviews, lectures, rantings, discussion, you name it. Good stuff here, even for a non-Thelemite like yours truly. It’s just really interesting stuff, especially when John and his guests talk about the OTO as an organization and its flaws and strengths.
  • WGBH Morning Stories – Their tag line is “stories that stay with you all day” and that’s about right. These are stories about regular people doing sometimes very extraordinary things – and sometimes those extraordinary things seem ordinary until Tony Kahn brings out the phenomenal in them with his interview skills. Awesome and uplifting.
  • The Word Nerds – Just what it says. A trio of language teachers take turns hosting in pairs and discussing language. Great stuff – especially the Rude Word of the Week!
  • Wrimo Radio – The official podcast of National Novel Writing Month. That about says it all, really. :)

I use Juice because it’s free and works the way I want it to. It’s easy to use, too.
What podcasts do you listen to?

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