One of the downsides to doing NaNoWriMo every year is that it means the entire month of November is practically offlimits for anything social. The only social events the fiancé and I make it to are NaNo-related. This invariably means that the first week or so of December is packed to the gills with social engagements.
This year is no exception.
Beginning on the first and running through this weekend, we have not had two days in a row without at least one social engagement. In fact, I think we had something like seven days in a row with engagements. Yikes! Pretty heavy stuff for a guy who’s practically a complete shut-in and a gal who is only judged an extrovert on occasion because of her incredible acting skills.
I realized, furthermore, while working on this year’s Annual Holiday Letter, that we have had a crapload of social stuff going on all year. Check it:

  • Three weddings, two out of state and one out of town.
  • Two extended houseguest stays.
  • Two high school reunions.
  • Wedding planning.

Geez. Quite a contrast to last year, when we basically did … nothing.
I kind of dig the whole social butterfly thing when I have enough time to recover tucked in here and there. The trick is remembering to tuck in that recovery time. :)

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