Well, holy shit!

I finished my music categorizing project!

I was starting to think that this day might never come. But here I am! RAWK. And it took less than a year! Hell, it only took just under eight months. Not bad, eh? Especially considering that I only work on it in my spare time (ha ha ha).

Some stats:

Total Songs 4,247
Gb of Songs 17.0
Number of Genre Categories 54
Genre With Most Songs Rock, 329
Genre With Least Songs Glam Rock, 2
Category I Least Expected to See Country
Category I Thought Would Be Bigger Rock’n’Roll
Most Useful Category Weirdness

So there. Anybody wanting to browse my genre categories should ask next time I am somewhere with my car – I’ll be putting my freshly-sorted MP3s onto my in-car player very soon. :)

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