She’s Geeky

I’m spending today and tomorrow at She’s Geeky, an (un)conference about geeky gals. Unconferences are pretty interesting – the topics of discussion and whatnot are picked by the attendees. For example, the first event is a big lunch where everyone sits at “affinity tables” – tables with a topic. You pick a topic that looks interesting and sit at that table. If you’re not interested in any of the topics written up on the table map so far, you make a new topic at an empty table. For example, when I arrived, none of the topics were particularly fitting for my interests, so I made my own – Blogging (Text!), to contrast with the Videoblogging table.
So far, nobody is taking me up on it. The beauty of the whole thing is, though, I can give up and go to another table, or change my table’s topic pretty easily.

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