YOU: On a Diet

By Mehmet C. Oz, Michael F. Roizen
This is a really well-written and well-presented book, chock full of information. I love its emphasis on learning to eat healthily and well, and on daily, constant exercise. Good stuff! It’s a smidge on the slick side, with cute cartoons and diagrams that some may find a little twee. I didn’t mind. There’s a great exercise program, complete with strength training, outlined in here, along with some very tasty recipes. I don’t think the two week diet plan they lay out is for me — it offers a fair amount of food but not stuff that fits well with my food allergies — but I can see how it would be a huge help for some folks.
What I did mind is the author’s long section in the back on gastric banding, bypass surgery, and liposuction. I know they’re surgeons and thus surgery is in their wheelhouse, but that kind of quick fix (which leads to life-long complications and, in an all-too-large percentage of cases, death) doesn’t belong in a book on eating right and exercising.
My verdict: minus the appendices on surgery, this is a good book.

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