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Animal hoarding

Words fail me, so I direct you to Naamah’s explanation. I donated. Wish I could donate more.

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I got this today from Planned Parenthood.



Check out what we did this weekend!!!! We hit up the Rock Band tour, wooo! Twon’s writeup is here. Rawk. Good times. Am now thoroughly psyched up for the actual release of the game next month.

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40 days of forced birth

A while back, I blogged about the 40-days-of-life campaign. Well, it’s underway (though not in my area — I volunteered to be a clinic escort, but so far they haven’t needed me. Guess the pro-forced-birth contingent has given up on … Continue reading

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Book -> Movie = angst

The Seeker:The Dark Is Rising is full of differences from the book it’s based on. As a long-time fan of Dracula, this does not surprise me. It does make me heave a sigh and thank my lucky stars I somehow … Continue reading

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Holy crap, “Moonlight” is a terrible show. This article is right, it’s practically the platonic ideal of lousy television. Lousy acting, mediocre writing delivered in an overwrought style (and frequently in a back-and-forth patter that would be Sorkinesque if not … Continue reading


Live blogging the meetup

7:05pm Woo, Peter showed up! The meetup is officially begun!


Got a LiveJournal? It’ll get you $30 to spend on charity!

LJ is giving away money to DonorsChoose! Here’s how to be part of it: Email by 5pm Pacific today, October 1, to request your certificate. Wait for your certificate to show up in your email. Go to and … Continue reading

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