NaNoWriMo: Day 21

WOO!!!! 30,001!!!!! ALL IN ONE DAY TOO! Darn you Rock Band and your terrifying allure!
But now I am done for the day (4,464 words, thank you very much!) so I can go play some more! YAY!

She looked so serious and concerned that Casey found himself wanting to tell her everything. The story about Suzie just poured out of him, cutting straight over the hormonal and caution related hesitation and flooding everywhere. “This stupid college girl came to see me earlier, and she came onto me all strong, right? Flashing cleavage, smiling, touching my arm, all that stuff. She was going on and on about some fundraising drive, recycling to pay for my hopsital bills or whatever. I thought for sure she was offering to, you know, do something with me, just the way she was talking, saying she’d take care of me and all that crap. But she totally wasn’t, she just up and left like she hadn’t been doing anything!” He pounded the mattress with his non-IV’d arm. “It’s bad enough I’m this freaking sick without stupid bitches coming on in and cock teasing the crap out of me.” He tried not to pout.
Sunshine patted his arm. “I bet she didn’t mean to, Casey. A lot of girls have no idea the power they have in their physical appearance. Still, that must have been awful for you, thinking something wonderful was going to happen and getting nowhere.”
“It sucked, man. Big time. Being sick like this is just bullshit, if I wasn’t in this damn bed I could’ve gone after her or something. Or I could go to parties and find a hundred better girls who won’t make promises they don’t want to carry through on.”
He scowled.
Sunshine gave him another of her bright smiles. “Aw, it’s okay, Casey. Sometimes girls like that will come to you.”
He looked up at her in confusion. “What?”
She leaned down and breathed into his ear, “I’d really like to make you feel all better, if that’s all right with you.”
Casey’s mouth failed him but his body was speaking more than eloquently enough. He managed a nod.

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