Friday Chicken #2

Let’s do this.

(For those who missed last week, the Chicken is when I check in on how my week went. I stole borrowed the idea from the ever-awesome Havi.)

Old Missions

OK, remember last week’s Chicken? Where I said I would do some stuff? Let’s see how that went.

Make the damn phone call. DONE! I had to leave a message and she hasn’t replied, but I DID IT. Go me.

Spend 15 minutes a day working on my home and work spaces. Didn’t quite get it done every day, but I did at least a little every day, even if not the whole “set the timer and do a full 15 minutes” routine.

The Hard

Gah. This week has been crazy. Highs and lows.

Brain Fog. One of my least favorite Fibro symptoms is brain fog, and I’ve been pretty foggy this week, especially the second half of the week. Mostly, I think, due to stress.

Realized one of my oldest friends is getting married weekend after this one and I TOTALLY SPACED. Yeah. Apparently my brain read the invite and chatted with him and was like “ok, that is enough wedding discussion for THIS YEAR!” and went on vacation. Fail. Thankfully he pinged me on Facebook. I’m totally going, though I have no idea what the hell I’m going to wear. I may have to recruit one of my fashion-comprehending friends to help me out. At times like this I really wish I could just go into Men’s Warehouse and get a suit. Pity they don’t make suits for people shaped like me.

Took a good look at my finances. Yeah, that wasn’t fun. Turns out having to pay both halves of all the household expenses is eating up way more of my income than I realized. Oops. Time to economize and get some side projects going.

The Good

My Eastern Medicine doc! I’m working with A Center for Natural Healing and am really impressed with the treatment I’m getting there.

Sold some stuff on Craigslist! That was pretty cool. Got some folding money and got rid of stuff that was cluttering up my apartment.

Mah peeps! It really helps to have supportive friends when one is having a wretched week. Having people to listen to me whine and tell me everything will be okay makes an enormous difference! *hugs* to all mah peeps.

My writing gig! I’m cranking up the effort on a writing gig I got a while back that’s due at the end of the month. Assuming all goes well with it, I will brag about it when it goes to print. But if you’re wondering why I keep Tweeting about Westerns, this gig is why. I sure love having a job that requires me to play video games and watch movies!

Movie reviewing! I finally got my reviews site booted over to WordPress! And I have managed to line up not one but TWO publicity screenings next week. Hot damn. (One of the ways I’m economizing is focusing on attending publicity screenings instead of just paying to go to the movies after they open. This not only saves me $6-10/week but frees up time on the weekends!)

New Missions

Make the damn call again. Hopefully this time I will actually get hold of her.

Spend 15 minutes a day working on my home and work spaces. Let’s see if I can actually do 15 minutes a day for the whole week.

Sort out the trip to the wedding!

Do Shiva Nata every day. I got it most days this week, but I’d like to hit every day next week. It makes a big difference when I actually do it on a daily basis.

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